Burleigh Hill House – Great First Year for MD Healthcare

It doesn’t seem like a year since MD Healthcare took control of Burleigh Hill House.  There have been many changes during the year, and our team in Burleigh Hill House have gone beyond the call of duty to ensure that residents and their families are cared for.

The refurbishment plan promised by MD Healthcare is almost complete and there have been massive changes to the environment which our residents and families really appreciate.  Public areas have been completely re-vamped, bedrooms have been updated and bathrooms refurbished.  The Beauty Salon is unrecognisable from before, the change is so significant. Our new lift is about to be commissioned and there is ongoing work to keep the Burleigh Hill House in excellent condition.

The building is one aspect of life at Burleigh Hill House however, the most important is the care and the confidence of our residents and families that care is of a high standard.  This is of paramount importance and MD Healthcare’s promise that care should be what we would expect for ourselves is our total focus.

To make sure we are doing our job, we have undertaken our satisfaction survey and are delighted with the results.  Both residents and families were asked their opinion about life at Burleigh Hill House and we are delighted to say that 94% of families and residents believe the care to be good, very good or excellent.

The report is published here  Burleigh Hill House Satisfaction Survey 2017

We would like to thank our staff and the manager at Burleigh Hill House, Mrs Insauraugia for their hard work over the last year in caring for our residents.