Our philosophy

Our philosophy, the attitude that acts as our guiding principle for our services is simple – the services we provide must be of the standard we would be prepared to accept for ourselves.

Our values and mission are to ensure that:

  • Our clients are at the heart of everything we do
  • Every team member makes a difference
  • Together we can help our clients ‘live their lives’.

Our mission can be achieved by:

  • Focussing on quality improvement and meeting – or ideally exceeding – expectations
  • Continually educating and improving our workforces’ knowledge
  • Constantly engaging with our service users and commissioners to understand their needs
  • Working with outside bodies and charities to achieve high levels of skill
  • Driving change within Domestic Care Group, ensuring we have the best people and systems to meet our clients’ needs and striving to reduce our impact on the planet through managing waste and reducing emissions.
  • Being part of the wider community where we serve.