Excellent Levels of Satisfaction at Burleigh Hill House

At Burleigh Hill House in line with all MD Healthcare’s care homes, we continually monitor the quality of the service provided to our residents and families, however on an annual basis we undertake a formal satisfaction survery with both residents and families.

We have recently completed Burleigh Hill House’s satisfaction survery and we are delighted to say that satisfaction with the home is at an all time high. This is undoubtedly due to the leadership of the manager, Mrs Ensauraugia and the care and dedication of the staff in Burleigh Hill House.

The survey was carried out in July and each resident was interviewed separately and asked to give their views on the life of the home and relatives were asked about the care their loved-one receives at Burleigh Hill House.

We are delighted that a total satisfaction rating among residents with 99.5% of residents being completely satisfied as to the care, environment, food and activities in the home and the total satisfaction rating among relatives is 92% but most importantly, 100% of relatives believe the care delivered at Burleigh Hill House to be good, very good or excellent.

We aim to continue to deliver a high quality service and thank all those who took part in our survey.

Please click on the document below to read the full report.

Burleigh Hill House Satisfaction Survey July 2018