Nursing care at home

Our Nursing Agency, Optimum Nurse enables you to receive care at home for persons with complex care needs who require a higher level of support to remain at home.

Our Nursing Team can lead and support the care of a service user and their family in providing services that would otherwise mean a person would have to leave their home to receive care or treatment. This care can be offered for either short term or on an on-going basis.

In providing nursing care at home, the role of the nurse will encompass:

  • Intensive Nursing Care including breathing support
  • Continuing Care
  • Re-ablement
  • Palliative Care
  • Healthcare Screening

Some of this care may be provided by a team of fully trained Community Care Assistants under the supervision of the nurse lead.

Using Optimum Care nurses, we aim to:

  • Improve the service provided to clients by use of professional nursing skills
  • Deliver complex care services to clients in their own homes
  • Support families in caring for a loved one with complex care needs
  • Lead and quality assure the work of teams of trained Nurses and Community Care Assistants
  • Assess client needs and advocate on their behalf with Trusts, Social Services and others
  • Prevent unnecessary hospital admission though early intervention and disease prevention
  • Use of technology in a client’s own home.
As community nurse specialist the care and support of our patients always comes first. The vulnerable people we look after require the highest standards and at Optimum Nurse, we strive to deliver this. We make sure that the trained nursing staff we employ are great communicators and have the up to date skills to look after our patients.

Karen Hickey